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Adjective : English Grammar

Adjective Definition: A adjective is used to describe noun or pronoun. they describe quality or specify a noun / pronoun. It answer the question what kind of how much how many what color size whose and which. Depending upon above adjective can be of various kind.   1)Adjectives of quality: Adjectives of quality generally qualify

Articles: English Grammar

Articles Definition Articles are words that are used before noun and help us to understand whether we are referring to a noun specifically or generally. There are three articles: A, An, The. They are used before noun or noun phrases.   Article A: A is used before singular countable noun that begins with consonant or

Noun: English Grammar

Noun Definition: The name of person place or thing is called a noun, in short, the noun is a naming word. E.g. Rama, boy, song, book, India, earth, dog, Arabian sea,  Children etc.   Noun can be classified into four categories Common noun Proper noun Collective noun Material noun Abstract noun   1) Common noun: