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The name of person place or thing is called a noun, in short, the noun is a naming word.

E.g. Rama, boy, song, book, India, earth, dog, Arabian sea,  Children etc.


Noun can be classified into four categories

  1. Common noun
  2. Proper noun
  3. Collective noun
  4. Material noun
  5. Abstract noun


1) Common noun:

A common noun is a name given in common to every person or things of the same class or type.

They do not refer to the particular persons or things.

E.g.  planet, picture, mouse, tree, laptop, boy, town, houses, water, pen etc.


2) Proper noun

Name of person places animal or things are called a proper nouns. They always begins with capital letter.

E.g. Kavya, Gauri,  Mumbai, Pepsi, The Ramayana, England,  Atlantic, Taj Mahal, Monday  etc.



Identify the common noun & proper noun from the given sentences.

i)Munshi Premchand was a great writer.

ii) India is my country.

iii) Ashoka was a wise king.

iv) My teacher knows English, Hindi & Spanish.

v) Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world.

vi) Mumbai is the city he lives in.

vii) He has a dog named Rocky.

viii) He goes for walk in the garden every Sunday.



i) PN– Munshi Premchand, CN– writer

ii) PN- India, CN– Country

iii) PN-Ashoka, CN – King

iv) PN– English, Hindi, Spanish, CN – teacher

v) PN– Sahara, CN– desert, world

vi) PN– Mumbai, CN – city

vii) PN – Rockey, CN – dog

viii) PN– Sunday, CN – garden

3. Collective noun.

Collective noun is the name of a number,   person or a things taken together.

E.g. i) a flock of sheep

ii) a cluster of stars / grapes

iii) a shoal of fish

iv) a pack of owls

v) a row of books / houses / tree

vi) a colony of ants


4. Material Noun

The name of materials or substance from which things are made are called material nouns.

E.g. gold,  silver,  copper,  brass,  iron etc.


i) The phone is made up of plastic &

ii) This ring is made up of

iii) Your shirt has a button short.

iv) I drink milk daily in the night.

v)Taj Mahal is built using marbles.

5.Abstract noun

The name of qualities, action, feelings is called abstract Noun.

Abstract noun is often formed from adjectives, it can also be formed from verb also.

Some examples of abstract noun are given below:


Quality : wisdom, honesty, confidence, courage, kindness, beauty, humility, intelligence, goodness patients, fear, enthusiasm etc.

Feelings: love,  kindness,  jealousy,  loyalty,  hatred, surprise, relief etc.

State: sleep, hope,  youth,  poverty,  maturity,  manual,  humor,  hope etc.

Action: laughter,  theft,  judgement, movement etc.


i)I was full of fear.

ii) Do you feel the pride?

iii)I had a dream last night.

iv) People lost faith in banks.

V) Don’t underestimate your own



Fill in the blanks with the noun form of the word given in the bracket .

i. Rahul has recovered from his ……….(ill).

ii. The detective’s ……….. help him to solve the case.(intelligent)

iii. ………….is the best policy.(Honest)

iv. Some people often fail due to their …………(Lazy).

v. The doctor waited for the ……… of child’s mother.(arrive)

vi. There was lots of …………..in our school Baseball team about there first match.(excite)

vii. The government had to make a ……….about tree plantation.(decide)

viii. The teacher shows the lots of………with the naughty students. (patient)




i.Rahul has recovered from his illness.

ii. The detective’s intelligence help him to solve the case.

iii. Honesty is the best policy.

iv. Some people often fail due to their lazyness.

v. The doctor waited for the arrival of child’s mother.

vi. There was lots of excitement in our school Baseball team about their first match.

vii. The government had to make  decision about tree plantation.

viii. The teacher shows the lots of patience with the naughty students.

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