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place value chart

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Place value & Face value of number

The place value of a digit in any number is the value it holds to be at that position in the number.

In any number every digit has place & face value. We will learn it in detail.



The symbols or numerals in writing any number are called digits. We can use 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9 symbols to form any number.

We can use these digits to make 2, 4 or multi digits number.


Face value:

The face value of a digit for any place in each number is the value of the digit itself. This value does not change wherever it placed in the number.

E.g. 45 – Here face value of 4 is 4 & in 5467 also face value is remain 4.

But this is not true for place value, it is depending upon the position of the digit in given number.


Place value:

We can say place value is the value represented by a digit in a number based on its position in the number.

In any number we give ones unit to the rightmost digit and the place value of a digit increases by 10 times as we move towards the left direction.

Here is a chart that explain how this value is depend upon the position of the digit in a number.

This chart shows the example of  9 digits number 394583167.

place value chart

Above number we can read verbally as  “Thirty nine Crore, forty five lakhs,  eighty three thousand, one hundred and sixty seven”.

Frequently asked Question:

Q.1) What is the place value of digit 7 in the number  687345?

a. 70      b. 7        c. 7000      d. None of these

Ans: c. 7000


Q. 2)  What is the difference between the place value of of digit 4 in the number 3,54,648?

a. 4000       b. 404       c. 3670        d. 3960

Ans: d. 3960

Explanation: Here digit 4 is at two places one is at thousands place and other is at tens place.

The difference in their  value will be, 4000-40 = 3960.


Q. 3) If instead of writing the number one hundred and five a student write 1005. By how much is the number wrong?

a. 500       b.  1000       c. 900    d. None of these

Ans. c. 900

Explanation: The actual number should have been 105 but by mistake it is written 1005 therefore we subtract 1005 – 105 = 900.


Q. 4) What is the face value of  digit 5 in number 34567?

a. 50        b. 500       c. 5       d. None of these

Ans : c. 5 


Q. 5) Express “Five Lakhs three thousand seven hundred and forty three” in numerals.

a. 503oo43     b. 503743   c. 543774     d. 5307043

Ans: b. 503743


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